Welcome to the Parkinson lab!

In the Parkinson lab, we focus on the identification of novel anticancer and antibiotic natural products from cryptic biosynthetic gene clusters in bacteria. We are particularly interested in the chemical signals that affect Streptomyces’ natural product production and how we can use organic chemistry, chemical biology, and synthetic biology to accelerate access to cryptic biosynthetic gene clusters. Additionally, we are developing peptide based protein-protein interaction inhibitors for challenging to hit anticancer targets such as the transcription factors.  


We are currently seeking motivated graduate students from chemistry, MCMP, or PULSe. Email Betsy at eparkins[at]purdue.edu if you are interested! 

Parkinson Lab News:


We are hiring! An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available. We are particularly interested in individuals with experience in organic chemistry, with preference given to those with experience in natural product synthesis, biocatalysis, and/or peptide chemistry. See here for details on how to apply.


Thank you to the NIH for recommending our instrument supplement for funding. UPLC-MS here we come!


Welcome to our new chemistry graduate student Hani Lakkis! Hani will be working on the gamma-butyrolactone synthesis project.


Welcome to the new chemistry zero year graduate student Namuunaa Otgontseren who is doing a rotation in the lab for the month of June!


Congratulations to Lauren and Sam for both passing their preliminary exams!!!


Welcome to our new postdoc César Aguilar! César will be working on the antibiotic induction project.


We are excited to virtually welcome all of the potential new graduate students for Fall of 2021! Please make sure to participate in the virtual visits. And email Prof. Parkinson if you have any questions. See above video for a virtual tour of the lab :)


Welcome to our new Chemistry graduate student, Zach Budimir!


Congratulations to Ramya and Amir for both passing their preliminary exams!!!


Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers: Braden Baker, Grace Buechel, Sarah Thormann, and Diane Santos! We are excited to have you in the lab :)


Best of luck to Matt who is leaving us to start his new career as an assistant professor at Marshall University!


Welcome to our new postdoc Crissi!


So grateful to have been awarded the NIH ESI MIRA award for our work on antibiotic induction of natural products and chemical synthesis of predicted natural products!!!


Excited to announce that we have been awarded the 2019-2020 Robbers New Investigator Award from PCCR for our work on the development of Nrf2 inhibitors!!!


Welcome to our new PULSe graduate student Lauren!!!


I had so much fun getting to talk with Sarah and Steven at Superheroes of Science about some of the work being done in the lab. Check it out!  


Welcome to our new MCMP graduate student Samantha!!!


Welcome to our new graduate students Bobby and Brianne!!!


Great turnout for the Parkinson lab Chemistry thesis interview! If you are interested in the Parkinson lab, please come to group meetings on Wednesday at 5:30 pm in BRWN 2106. Also, please email Dr. Parkinson to set up a one-on-one meeting!


The Parkinson lab welcomes rotation students Samantha Nelson (MCMP) and Lauren Wilbanks (PULSE) to the lab!


Welcome to the new Purdue graduate students! We are excited that you are here! If you are interested in joining the Parkinson lab, please email Betsy.


Excited to announce that the Parkinson lab has been awarded the 2019 Showalter Trust Research Award for our project entitled "Discovery of bioactive natural products by inducing biosynthetic gene clusters"!


Congratulations to Autumn who graduated with her B.S. in Chemistry. Good luck in graduate school at UIUC!


Welcome to our new graduate student Ramya!


We have moved into our new lab space. So excited to get to do chemistry in this amazing space. 


Welcome to all of the prospective chemistry graduate students visiting this weekend! We are excited that you are visiting. Please stop by the Parkinson lab if you are interested in natural product synthesis, biosynthesis, and drug discovery!


Lab renovations are almost complete! Excited to fill the space with equipment and new graduate students! See the pictures tab for pictures of the new space.


Welcome to our new graduate student Amir!


Welcome to our new postdoc Matt!


Welcome to Autumn, Jessica, and Ian, the new undergraduates in the lab!


The lab is starting to get set up! Real science will be starting soon.


Betsy will be at the Purdue graduate student recruitment weekend on March 2-3. Come by her poster Friday night to learn more about research in the Parkinson lab!

Purdue University | eparkins@purdue.edu | 765-496-3346

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